Equipment Mat


  • Stops Movement

    Placed under equipment.

  • Preserves Flooring

    Helps preserve the life of your floor by protecting from equipment markings and mechanical debris.

  • Prolongs Equipment

    Prolongs equipment life by preventing dust from entering belts and mechanical parts.

  • Noise Reducing

    Dampens vibrations and muffles noises.

  • Quality Material

    Odor-free, heavy-duty PVC material.

  • Easy Clean Up

    Cleans easily with damp cloth.

  • Two Convenient Sizes

    GSF-MAT-15GS perfect for most treadmills and ellipticals, GSF-MAT-40GS perfect for most recumbent and upright bikes.


  • Dimensions - GSF-MAT-15GS

    7.5’L x 3’W x .125” thick

  • Dimensions - GSF-MAT-15GS

    5’L x 2.5’W x .125” thick